Sunday, March 16, 2014

Raising the Bar. Training this week...

Sunday - Strength - 45 mins
Monday - Sufferfest DVD - Angels - Climbing 62 mins
Tuesday - Strength - 45 mins and easy run - 30 mins
Wednesday - Rest Day
Thursday - Sufferfest DVD - Islagiatt - Endurance  2 hrs
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - Easy brick  30/30 followed by Strength - 20 mins

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Training this week...

My first blog back is a short and sweet training schedule for the week.

Sunday - Wharton Flexibility DVD and PT work
Monday - AM - Build a better runner series DVD, HIIT spin - 25 mins with CD - climbs with sprints and a steady state 20 min ride PM
Tuesday -  30 min Run and 20 miles on the bike - mixed intervals
Wednesday -  REST
Thursday -  30 min Run and 20 miles on the bike - mixed intervals
Friday - REST
Saturday -  Trail run

Have a fantastic week everyone - KEEP PRESSING ON!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Taking a break...

I am struggling with my back again. Heading back to the doctor today. As a result, I am taking a break from blogging this time. I have 3 sites I have to maintain and it is just too much right now. I will be updating on FB as I normally do.

Trying to figure out what is going on....determined to get back to my training. 2013 has been a hard year of injuries for sure.  Bring on 2014 :)

All the best to you all!! Looking forward to posting again very soon!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Going strong...

Doing well with my training for the week. Staying strong and taking it day by day....

Friday - Hill intervals on the bike -  DONE!! 61 mins
Saturday - 30 miles on the bike - DONE!! 83 mins
Sunday - Walk into town, to the beach and through the trails to the track - 1 hour and 52 mins - DONE!!

This week's schedule....

Monday - 30 mins on the bike - mixed intervals
Tuesday - Rest, stretch!
Wednesday - Walk for 45 mins to an hour 
Thursday - Walk for 45 min to an hour
Friday -  Bike 30 mins hill intervals with recovery 15 mins

Friday, November 15, 2013

An update on my progress.

I am doing well, working hard and trying my best to stay on track. Logging on my blog and spark has been another story. I have been posting on my FB page and on dailymile but have not met my goal of posting to my private blog and spark people for accountability.

This past week I completed my first run in months and my knee did well. It was hurting a bit the past few days but overall, it is ok.  I also managed to get in a good, strong 83.4 km's on my spin bike at home. I am trying to focus on getting back to riding as it helps my knee a great deal.

Here is my training schedule this next week -

Friday - 30 mins on the bike - hill intervals with recovery 15 min ride - DONE!! 61 mins
Saturday - 60 mins on the bike - steady ride
Sunday - Walk on the trails for at least an hour, maybe a few running intervals if my knee allows
Monday - 30 mins on the bike - mixed intervals
Tuesday - Rest, stretch....
Wednesday - Walk for 45 mins to an hour 
Thursday - Walk for 45 min to an hour
Friday -  Bike 30 mins hill intervals with recovery 15 mins

Slowly but surely, I am making my way back!!!! I feel encouraged, excited and ready to do all I can to reach my goals.

Have a blessed weekend - stay on track :) Weekends are always hard, but go in with the right mindset and you can do it!

All the best :)

Friday, November 08, 2013

So far so good...

Yesterday I did well. I was unable to get my walk in due to the weather but I will make up for it today.

Food wise, I did great. Water was on track too. I also blended an awesome drink which I intend to make again today. It was simply protein powder, pineapple, cucumber, ginger, water, a small amount of orange juice and kale. It was really good!!!!! 

I also made a great lemon chicken with roasted veggies which was easy and so fantastic! 

I know these posts are not exactally the most exciting but for me, it is about staying accountable to get back on track. So even if it is a short report of my day, it will help me!!! 

Off to make today a success! 

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Back from Paris!

We are back from Paris and it is time for me to get back on track with my program. This is going to be a short and sweet post for today. My focus right now, reaching my goals!!

I will get straight to it :)

Goals for November 7th - November 11th

1. Juice daily
2. Focus on lean proteins and veggies. Same plan that has worked SO many times for me.
3. Walk for 30 to 45 mins daily. Working up to running again soon! YEAH!!
4. PT work and stretching
5. LOG RESULTS!! As of late I have a habit of doing well and then not logging my results for accountability.

That is all for today :) Time to make it HAPPEN!! Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed day!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Goals for today...

I am really wanting to get back to strength training, I miss it so much!!! Obviously with my back injury I cannot do too much at this time, but I can at least try my best to do all I can....something, that will take me closer to my fitness goals. So for today, my goal is to do 10 military pushups, and least 15 mins of Yoga and 15 mins of upper body with bands and my 5 lbs DBs. I know it does not seem like much  but to me, this is a big deal.

I will report back later today with my results!! :) Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On track....

This true actually :) Hope to start back soon!!

Doing VERY well. On track with my goals and my back is feeling better!! I went to the chiropractor again tonight and in addition to the therapy, I had acupuncture. I am sore but I know it will be worth it.

Icing my back now!! I CANNOT wait to get back to my workouts!!!!! :)

Have an awesome day!

M1 - GGMS and chia seed and flax pancakes!
M2 - same as M1 they were so good!!
MDS - Banana and PB - classic :)
M3 - Raw Meal protein shake with berries and banana

Monday, October 21, 2013

Daily Results 10/21 -

Today was my first day back tracking my goals. I did well. Just trying to take it one day at a time right now. I am SO VERY happy to say my back is getting better with each passing day. Thank the Lord! I just need to be smart and do everything I can do to help it get back to 100%. We have a trip coming up in 12 days and I really want to be fully over this injury before hand. We are going back to Paris, one of my favorite cities and I want to be well so I can fully enjoy this special time for us ;) 

Nutritional Goals - 

1. AM Adrenal drink - Singing Canary from THM and GGMS - DONE! 
2. LIMIT coffee - I did well though I had more than one cup :( Trust me, that is really good for me. 
3. Shrinker tea during the day - from THM - DONE! 
4. Juice and blend for lunch and dinner - NO :( will do better tomorrow. 
5. Continue my clean eats with a focus on lean proteins and greens - DONE! 
6. Log meals daily but do not count calories. Just focus on eating clean, healthy foods - DONE! 

M1 - SC and GGMS from THM.... wow, that is a mouthful :) along with grilled chicken and avocado and a small greek yogurt with chia seeds. 
M2 - Shrinker tea and more GGMS and chicken with apple. A pumpkin, hemp seed muffin I made...super good! 
M3 - A bit of spelt pasta and more grilled chicken with a very small about of rice
M4 - More GGMS and more of the pumpkin, hemp muffins I made. Very good made with canned pumpkin, hazelnut milk, almond flour, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, honey and coconut oil. VERY good!! 

Fitness Goals for the week -

1. If my back allows aim for a 30 mins walk - I walked a great deal today but not a straight 30 mins, a bit less. 
2. Yoga for Back Care - Did not do. I went to my Chiro today and he did a few treatments on my back. 
3. Upper body band work - YES!! DONE!! It was very light, but I did it. I used a band and 5 lb DB's and did a massive amount reps. It burned and was light enough to where it did not hurt my back. Slow and steady right now :) 
4. Foam rolling for PT - Wanted to wait to see what the doctor said. He said I can try but to be careful with my back.